We at SLA Europe are sharing some of the most interesting things we’ve found online through our #slaelinks hashtag. Here’s some of the things we’ve been tweeting about lately:

Rise of the Information Professional: A Career Path for the Digital Economy – AIIM

This AIIM white paper outlines the market need for Information Professionals, affirms the core body of knowledge needed for success in the digital economy, and provides a path to career development and continuous learning.

The self-epublishing bubble – The Guardian

Ewan Morrison tracks the self-epublishing euphoria of the last five months and argues that we are at the start of an epublishing bubble.

Future of the Company – FT.com

Special report from the Financial Times on the trends that will change the way companies do business. “Managing well means reducing email/internet distraction & using the best collaborative opportunities of the internet”.

The iPad of 1935 – Smithsonian

In 1935, Everyday Science and Mechanics carried a report of an invention that would allow photographed book pages to be projected onto a screen. The first ebook reader?

My first month: Carly Miller, school library – LIS New Professionals Toolkit

Carly Miller talks about how to get the best out of a bad situation, in this blog post discussing her first professional role.

How to move email conversations to your collaboration platform — or not… – Real Story Group

Would moving conversations out of email increase collaboration?

Net Work Skills – Harold Jarche

“It is not just an advantage to belong to diverse professional networks but in recent years the situation has tipped so that it is now a significant disadvantage to not actively participate in social learning networks.”

Organization of Information / Taxonomy Timeline – History of Information

Amazing chronological timeline of information and media: from Cave Paintings to the Internet


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