What’s new this week by Claire Laybats

Claire is Joint Editor at Business Information Review published by Sage, works as a freelance consultant for CB Resourcing and is also Blog Editor for SLA Europe. Previously Claire worked for TFPL for 11 years firstly in recruitment, then heading up training and events before moving into the consultancy division as Head of Information and Knowledge consultancy.

As Editor at Business Information Review (A) I am lucky enough to have access to read a whole range of papers in the areas of knowledge and information management. When discussing subjects for the blog with other members of the SLA Europe team I remembered a paper I had recently read on Exploring the future of Business Information Services (BIS) in the financial services sector. The paper is written by Mark West, Director of Knowledge Services for Integreon and Delphine Phillips, Knowledge Solutions Manager for Integreon and looks at the role and future of Business Information Services in the financial services sector.

The paper begins with a review of the current role of BIS and then looks to explore what the future role of the service might be and how it might develop. Drivers for change, operating models and scope of services are explored along with links to knowledge management functions. You can read the full article for free until May 16thby using the following link


The paper is the result of a piece of research that brought together the City Information Managers Benchmarking Alliance with Integreon Managed services to develop a survey that contacted and gathered the views from twelve of the tier 1 to tier 3 global investment banks and Equity Houses. It is an interesting read for anyone connected with information services within the finance sector.