Wednesday 21st November 6pm-9:30pm News on News | SLA Europe

November 21 @ 6:00 pm9:30 pm

News on news
News on the key developments in news and current awareness
News and current awareness provision are the backbone of many information centres. Whilst seasoned info pros talk about changes from the days of cutting, gluing and photocopying news articles, substantial changes are impacting news and current awareness right now.
In response to demand, SLA Europe through the generous sponsorship of Manzama is pleased to present an evening with three subject matter experts. Hear from our  speakers on the applications of artificial intelligence, solving fake news and the impact of social media on traditional news media.After hearing from our expert speakers, continue the discussions afterwards and network with colleagues and contacts over food and drinks.

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Present and future applications of artificial intelligence for current awareness. Dr Andrew Duchon, Director of Data Science, Manzama Inc
The weather, football games, and the stock market.   News stories about these common, recurring events is already being created with “automated journalism.”   But computers, using techniques like deep neural networks, are becoming more and more capable of creativity: producing art, music, poetry, and screenplays, and sometimes it’s not even absurd. These systems will soon be able to adequately, and automatically, describe the complexity of real news events, and create fake ones.  What does that mean for journalism and consumers of the news?
In a first for SLA Europe, Andrew will be speaking via webcast from the US.

How social media changed everything and nothing in the newsroom. Martin Buchan, The Guardian
Social & New Formats Editor provides the inside story on social media’s impact on the newsroom

Fifty shades of fake, 12 months on. Jo Tinning-Clowes
Jo will update us on developments in fake news since her popular talk here 12 months ago.


  • Tea and coffee will be served on arrival from 6pm.
  • There will be a short break after Dr Duchon’s talk.
  • Food and drinks will be served from 7:50pm.

About our three speakers:

Dr Andrew Duchon
Dr Duchon is the Director of Data Science at Manzama Inc. Here, he has developed and continues to improve the machine learning system behind its patent-pending Insights™, which automatically assesses company news for indicators of corporate health.
Prior to Manzama, Dr Duchon was a data scientist at Jama Software building models to predict customer churn. For eight years he worked at Aptima, a defence industry consultancy, as a project manager, researcher, and software engineer applying natural language processing to understand human behaviour in a variety of domains and has four patents related to this work.
Before Aptima, Dr Duchon was a co-founder and Director of Technology at, a semantic search engine. He has also worked as a private consultant developing statistical models for the finance industry; an NSF postdoctoral fellow at Brown University studying cognitive maps in virtual reality; and a researcher at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute in Japan developing neural networks for speech recognition.  Dr Duchon holds a PhD in Cognitive Science from Brown University and a BA in Psychology and the Integrated Science Program from Northwestern University.

Martin Belam
Martin is a journalist and designer, and Social & New Formats Editor at the Guardian in London.
He has been building digital products for nearly 20 years and has worked as a Product Manager, an Information Architect, a User Experience Designer and as an Editor.
He helped Trinity Mirror develop UsVsTh3mAmpp3d and Mirror Row Zed, as well as building a “social content” team for Mirror Online.
Martin also worked at the Guardian as Head of User Experience, and at Sony and the BBC. In between these jobs, he’s run Emblem Digital Consulting.
He’s written and edited books for the Guardian Shorts series about the Olympics, Facebook and Doctor Who, and frequently talks at events and conferences about digital product design. He has been blogging for years on currybet.netat the BBC and the Guardian and on this site about journalism, digital media and design.

Jo Tinning-Clowes
Jo gained over 20 years’ experience of working for Reuters then Dow Jones on the online news side of the business. She is an avid champion of ‘trustworthy’ online news and believes we all need to be more careful what we read…and believe.
At Dow Jones, she assisted many of the company’s largest customers with their search strategies and understanding how to get the best out of Factiva for their needs.
LinkedIn: Jo Tinning-Clowes

About our sponsors, Manzama

Since 2010, Manzama has been the leading provider of current awareness and market intelligence to legal and professional service organisations around the globe. With intuitive search and sharing tools and user-friendly implementation, it makes the process of finding and sharing competitive business insights easy. Manzama’s proprietary platform uses sophisticated search algorithms to search the web for relevant content, including social media, based on each user’s personalised preferences, then delivers highly customised news and information to the user via email alert, mobile app and his or her own personal dashboard. The Manzama platform is in use in over 200 of the world’s largest law firms, as well as several other professional services firms in industries such as insurance, accounting, consulting and public relations. In 2018, Manzama launched its proprietary Insights module which leverages the latest in data science and artificial intelligence capabilities to analyse, classify, and group a myriad of news stories to highlight areas of risk and opportunity around companies and industries.