SLA Spring Quiz yng Nghaergrawnt,en

Baroosh 8 Market Passage, Caergrawnt

Tickets available here: To celebrate the inaugural SLA Europe Conference being held in Cambridge this September, SLA Europe will be holding a special Spring Quiz. This will be a great opportunity to meet fellow information professionals and librarians from around the region as well as a fun night out. Ar CLG, we go to… Darllen Mwy »SLA Spring Quiz yng Nghaergrawnt,en

SLA Summer Drinks Party: Thursday 18th July 6:30pm-10pm

The Samuel Pepys Stew Lane, Upper Thames Street, Llundain

SLA Summer Drinks Party Thursday 18th July 6pm-10pm The Samuel Pepys Stew Lane Upper Thames Street London. EC4V 3PT Booking link: We’re delighted to invite you to the SLA Europe Summer Drinks. We're holding it thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, CB Resourcing and we're holding it at the Samuel Pepys, famed for its magnificent views over the… Darllen Mwy »SLA Summer Drinks Party: Thursday 18th July 6:30pm-10pm

Beer-tasting and networking evening in Southwark

Southwark Brewing Company 46 Druid Street, Llundain

DESCRIPTION Registration link: SLA Europe is excited to bring you an evening of beer-tasting and networking, generously sponsored by Onelog from ITS Please join your fellow guests from 6pm to mingle over a glass of LPA (London Pale Ale) - or a soft drink if you prefer. At 6.30pm, we will receive tasting notes on the LPA as… Darllen Mwy »Beer-tasting and networking evening in Southwark

Ewrop CLG: Taith unigryw o amgylch y Llyfrgell Brydeinig gan gynnwys Sefydliad Alan Turing,en

Discover more about the British Library and learn about the new Alan Turing Institute by joining our exclusive SLA Europe tour. Byddwn yn ymweld â The King’s Library Collection a oedd unwaith yn eiddo i George III,,en,Byddwn hefyd yn dangos Sefydliad Alan Turing newydd i chi ac yn dysgu mwy am ei waith pwysig ym maes gwyddoniaeth data,,en,& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Mae CLG Ewrop a NLPN yn gyffrous i ddod â sgyrsiau gwych atoch gan ystod eang o siaradwyr ac yna rhywfaint o rwydweithio yn hwyr yn y prynhawn,,en,Noddir y digwyddiad yn hael gan CB Resourcing,,en,Bydd y diwrnod yn cynnwys y rhyngweithiol canlynol,,en, The Business & IP Centre and the Klencke Atlas, the second-largest atlas in the world and the Sir John Ritblat Gallery where over… Darllen Mwy »Ewrop CLG: Taith unigryw o amgylch y Llyfrgell Brydeinig gan gynnwys Sefydliad Alan Turing,en

Dyddiad cau ar gyfer cynnal cynigion ar gyfer 2021 SLA Europe Conference

SLA Europe recently announced that we are now planning our next conference, scheduled for the second half of 2021. You can find out more information in our press release here. July 31st is the closing date for hosting proposals, with completed templates and forms being emailed to the Conference Board Chair at

Webinar – Taxonomy Boot Camp London

SLA Europe is pleased to announce that Taxonomy Boot Camp London is hosting a free video webinar on Wednesday 14 Hydref 2020. The webinar will be a fascinating panel discussion about the state of the taxonomy and ontology industry. Info pros have always adapted to changes in business, innovation and wider society, but how are… Darllen Mwy »Webinar – Taxonomy Boot Camp London

Networking Event: Europe Calling! Our favourite European places

SLA Europe is part of an international organisation, our geographical coverage and network are great for supporting and learning from each other in various regions of the world. Our European chapter has members in 15 European countries, and we would like you to meet and get to know each other in this wide and diverse… Darllen Mwy »Networking Event: Europe Calling! Our favourite European places