Review of SLA Europe Gin Tasting Evening

Our thanks to Eleanor Matthewson, Legal & Business Research Officer at HFW, who kindly agreed to offer a review of the Gin Tasting Evening.

As we find ourselves heading towards the depths of winter an evening of gin tasting at the Jugged Hare provided some welcome respite. After locating the venue I was slightly alarmed at finding myself in a room full of people in black tie- I began to wonder whether I had missed a memo about the dress code! Thankfully I was directed to the event itself which was held in the Josephine Room, a private room in the basement.

Upon arrival we were greeted with drinks and nibbles to start off the evening. As ever it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and to meet new people.

After a few drinks and canapés, the main event began. The gin tasting was run for groups of eight people at a time. We were introduced to four different gins and had an opportunity to taste them. The gins ranged from the more conventional to the Jugged Hare’s very own Grouse gin. As a vegetarian this was never going to be my favourite, and it seemed that the rest of my group were not convinced either, however it was certainly something different! After sampling the different gins we chose our favourite and had a delicious cocktail made for us.

After the tasting there was time for moredrinks, canapés and chat, as well as the results of the raffle – the prize being more gin! Thanks to the SLA events committee for organising this very enjoyable event, as well as TRG for sponsoring the event.

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