Summer Networking Drinks

Vielen Dank an Cathrine Hertz-Sondergard für diese Bewertung. Cathrine is a Knowledge Management Assistant at global law firm, Baker Mckenzie.

Es war ein wunderschöner Donnerstagabend im Sommer, als ich mich auf den Weg zum machteSamuel Pepys, a pub on the banks of the Thames where SLA Europe were throwing their annual summer drinks party, sehr freundlich gesponsert vonCB Resourcing. We had the whole back room to ourselves, plus an outdoor balcony with a beautiful river view, and the party was in full swing when I arrived; before I had even had a chance to choose from the excellent selection of drinks, the room was packed and bustling with happy SLA members in a hubbub of conversation. Glasses were filled and the tables were groaning with enticing food, with the pizza in particular seeming to cause quite the stir; it looked like we wouldn’t need to dig up Samuel Pepys’ Immerhin Parmesan begraben ...

The Samuel Pepys

I managed to talk to a variety of people from different sectors and from all over the UK. I think this may have been the busiest SLA event I have attended so far, with the usual showing of friendly faces offering interesting conversation, a wealth of new knowledge and a host of good stories. Wir haben viel über das bevorstehende gesprochenconference in Cambridge in September, (the first to be held by the European Chapter!), and it sounds like an event not to be missed! 

The evening in full swing
Niamh Tumelty updates an attentive audience us on the upcoming SLA Europe Conference

With plenty of good company and no shortage of refreshments, the summer drinks are an ideal opportunity to network and exchange knowledge – and with people as agreeable as the members of SLA, it proved an extremely enjoyable evening as well. Dank, as ever, sind dem SLA Events Committee für die Durchführung eines so produktiven und unterhaltsamen Abends zu verdanken undCB Resourcing for generously sponsoring it.

The Two Presidents (Foreground: Simon Burton, SLA Europe. Background: Hal Kirkwood, SLA)