SLA Europe Conference 2019 – a message from our sponsors (2)

SLA Europe Conference 2019 – a message from our sponsors (2)

SLA Europe Focus on Statista

Statista are Gold Sponsors of the first SLA Europe 2019 Conference. John Coll, Co-Chair of the SLA Europe Conference Planning Committee took time out to interview Jonathan Rooney Group Director, Professional Services and Sport and find out more about the company and its services.

JC: Firstly, thank you for supporting our 2019 European Conference. As not all our members will be familiar with your company please tell us a little bit about it.

JR: I’d be happy to. Statista was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2007 by Dr Friedrich Schwandt and Tim Kröger who were working together at Boston Consultancy Group at the time. We are now one of the leading online market research portals worldwide. With over 1,500,000 registered users and 8.5 million unique visitors per month.

JC: Do you operate solely in the UK?

JR: No, we are a global company. Statista is still headquartered in Hamburg and operates branches in New York, London, Paris and Singapore with over 600 employees.

JC: Can you tell us a bit more about the content?

JR:  The platform offers research on all industries from a combination of primary research and aggregated data from more than 22,500 open or premium partner sources. Research comes in the form of statistics & forecasts that are available to download as PPT, XCL, PNG or PDF files. Additionally, we offer market reports and dossiers.

JC: Are there any additional services?

JR: Yes, we also produce the Statista Global Consumer Survey every 6 months, which offers cross sector consumer perceptions on industries and brands across more than 40 countries. The interactive survey allows customer perceptions to be broken down by multiple demographics or target groups and can be compared to historical surveys and across multiple counties. Statista also offers its own research and analysis service as well as an in-house infographics marketing department.

JC: Who uses your services?

JR: Our user base is diverse and, in many ways, reflect that of SLA Members. A good reason for us being visible at your conference! With high-quality content prepared according to scientific standards, Statista provides business customers, researchers, private users and the academic community with direct access to reliable, relevant quantitative facts and statistics. 

JC: I’m sure this will be of interest both to conference attendees and SLA Europe members not able to come. Tell us about accessing the content.

JR: Anybody can sign up for free to look at We offer an all-in subscription to the website for customers in any walk of life. Web based subscription means users can access Statista through a browser from any location and using any device. Subscriptions range from individual users, campus-wide agreements to whole global multinational corporations

JC: Finally, if attendees want to find out more?

JR: Statista will have a presence at the conference and we would encourage attendees to visit our space and find out more. For those unable to attend the conference please contact us via or me directly on .