SLA HQ verlängert die Laufzeit der Mitgliedschaft | SLA Europe

Während wir weiterhin durch beunruhigende und herausfordernde Zeiten aufgrund der COVID-19-Krise navigieren, SLA HQ has recently announced that it is extending the membership term for all members by three months (90 Tage) ohne zusätzliche Kosten für die Mitglieder (oder ihre Organisationen).

Renewal messages will still be sent to keep members informed and updated, with the option to renew any time at

In announcing this change, SLA Präsident, Tara Murray, has stated:

We want to ensure that you continue to have access to the tools, resources and, most importantly, the community of peers that can help you do your job better and advance your organization through this unprecedented time. […] We hope this helps you stay connected to resources and your community of peers. Join us on an upcoming virtual roundtable or virtual hangout. Thank you for your membership and your dedication to the information profession.


At SLA Europe, we are keenly aware of the impact the the crisis has had on our ability to host immediate physical events and our President, Seema Rampersad, addressed this in her blog post a few weeks ago. Although we are continuing to organise potential virtual events and webinars, we would like to encourage our SLA Europe members to reach out to one another if they are feeling overwhelmed, in need of support, or would like to share their ideas and advice with the rest of our community.

Sie können Ihre Informationen auch aktualisieren oder Ihre Mitgliedschaft am erneuern die Haupt-SLA-Website. As your local Chapter, if you have any questions regarding your SLA membership or the membership term extension, Bitte kontaktieren Sie unsere Mitgliedschaft Chair.