Webinaire SLA Europe - Gérer le stress mental et les contraintes de l'environnement de travail en mutation

La semaine dernière,, Cathrine Hertz-Sondergard (Comité des événements) a animé une récente présentation intitulée, «Gérer le stress et les tensions mentales d'un environnement de travail en évolution: où se tourner?»

Ce webinaire fait partie d'une série d'événements en ligne hébergés et organisés par SLA Europe en réponse à la pandémie, garantissant à nos membres de continuer à bénéficier du développement professionnel et du réseautage. Vous pouvez trouver d'autres ressources et informations dans notre Coronavirus (COVID-19) Centre.

The discussion focused on the following questions in surrounding the changing work environment and the challenges this has brought on to managing mental health and stress:

  • What are the common mental health issues arising from remote working?
  • Adapting and readapting to the changing work environment.
  • What warning signs do we need to be aware of in ourselves and others?
  • What can we do proactively to minimise stress?
  • Where can we go to for help and support?

Our two speakers spoke and shared insights on useful ways our members can navigate the various challenges and hurdles. Stephen Phillips (SmartIM) examined the theories that lie behind successful mental health and its application to our changing work environment. Kim Horwood (Odonata River) shared insights, strategies, and techniques to encourage self-care and emotional wellbeing. Both speakers then responded to a Q&A with our viewers.

Plus d'information

Kim Horwood is Founding Director of Odonata River: a values-based, transformational change consultancy for individuals, teams and organisations. She specialises in building leadership and personal impact, strengthening resilience, emotional wellbeing, and embracing life transitions on your terms. Kim is an accredited Level 7 (Masters) Advanced Practitioner Coach and Mentor, a licensed Professional Medical Coach and Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurs. She builds on 25+ years’ public sector experience as a Chartered MCLIP, CIPD-qualified trainer and change management consultant. Kim can be contacted at:

Stephen Phillips recently set up SmartIM, an independent information management consultancy and was previously Head of Global Business Information Services at Morgan Stanley. Stephen is also an SLA Fellow and past president of SLA Europe.