SLA Europe Webinar - Understøtter din organisations svar efter COVID-19 med information og indsigt med Oliver Guirdham

SLA Europe was pleased to welcome Oliver Guirdham from the Business Research Company to present and give some ideas on how research and information managers can efficiently gather information, hjælpe deres organisationer med at overleve og trives gennem informerede beslutninger i disse vanskelige tider.

With organisations adapting their processes and changing their strategies in preparation for existence in a post-COVID-19 environment, Oliver looked at how information professionals can play an active role in supporting such measures. The presentation also shared tips and advice for information professionals on how to continue to sharpen and hone research and information skills in an increasingly data driven world.

SLA Europes optagelse af webinaret kan også ses nedenfor og også på vores YouTube-kanal. We would also like to ask members to please consider making en velgørende donation til vores valgte velgørenhed, Half Moon Young People's Theatre.

Om vores højttaler

Oliver Guirdham has a 20-year track record as an expert in supporting organisations with information to drive their decision-making. His work experience includes major market research companies such as IPSOS, Datamonitor and GlobalData. Da 2013, he has owned and run the Business Research Company, which supplies reports, custom research and outsourcing services to organisations around the world. He has carried out hundreds of research projects for blue-chip clients such as Fujifilm, Michelin, and Amazon. He attended Oxford University and is an alumnus of the London Business School with an MA in International Management from London University.