SLA Europe -verkkoseminaari – Getting to the unconscious ‘Work Out Loud’ - tietämyksenhallinnan tarina

SLA Europe toivotti Dennie Heyen tervetulleeksi esittelemään kiehtovan tietohallintatarinan.

Tieto- ja tiedonhallintana (KM / IM) Lead for Discipline Engineering at Royal Dutch Shell, Dennie recounted the ways in which the company has organized its knowledge management efforts, particularly highlighting the challenges and successes it has encountered in its long history as an international business with a large and diverse workforce.

SLA Europe’s recording of the webinar can also be viewed below and also on YouTube-kanava. Haluamme myös pyytää jäseniä harkitsemaan tekemistä hyväntekeväisyyslahjoitus valitsemallemme hyväntekeväisyysjärjestölle, Half Moon Nuorten teatteri.

Tietoja puhujistamme

Dennie Heye is the Knowledge and Information Management (KM / IM) Lead for Discipline Engineering. In this role, he is globally responsible for the coordination of all services and products related to IM and KM across different engineering functions. He also steers innovation projects in this area to further gain value from information and knowledge using machine learning and big data.

He has studied information management and also has a college degree in marketing. Over the years, Dennie has been active in supporting or initiating information management networks. He was a member of SLA for many years and was honored to be named SLA Fellow in 2013. Alkaen 2014-2016 he was a co-founder of the Oil & Gas Special Interest Group in AIIM – the association for intelligent information management.

Lapsena, he always wanted to become an author and so far he has published 3 kirjat. He is still working on his 4th book, which will be another fiction book.