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Digital kommunikation kommitté

Amy Stubbing
President Elect (2021) / DigiComms Chair

Amy Stubbing is currently working at the University of East London as the Docklands Campus Library Manager and has over five years of experience working in a variety of library and archive settings. She received her MSc in Library and Information Studies in 2016, with her main area of focus in her career has been data driven decisions and service development.

Seema Rampersad
VD (2020)

Ursprungligen från Trinidad & Tobago, Seema Rampersad works as Senior Business Researcher and Service Manager, in the Business and IP Centre, at The British Library. She has also worked for the Intelligence Unit at the Greater London Authority and for PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Business Information Centre for many years. Seema is an advocate for traditional library and information services and skills, but maintains an interest in social media and multimedia as business and professional development tools for managing and delivering information and knowledge.

Nicky Jordbrukare
Digital Communications (LinkedIn)

Nicky Farmer är en lagbibliotekarie för närvarande inbäddad i fastigheter och byggande som tillhandahåller juridisk forskning och en servicemiljö. Hon har en bakgrund i katalogisering, klassificering och seriehantering och ett personligt intresse för kunskapshantering.

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julia Bhojoo
Digital Communications (Hemsida & YouTube)

Julia Bhojoo is an early career librarian, tidigare arbetat i advokatbyråer som informationsassistent och kunskapsanalytiker. She also set up LawLibWiki, a wiki dedicated to law librarians and legal information professionals. She has a keen interest in legaltech and website design, managing the SLA Europe Wordpress website, as well as volunteering her technical and web skills via MediaTrust to charities.

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