ECCAs – advice for applicants

To help with your ECCA application, we have provided tips for referees and general advice for applications.

Tips for referees

Referees should tell us why you think the applicant would be a good candidate for the award. You should focus on what benefits you think the candidate would gain from attending the SLA Conference, and the post-award chance to work with the SLA Europe board.

  • There is no need to write a large amount: 400-800 words should be perfectly sufficient
  • Please don’t feel obliged to write formally!
  • Please make clear your relationship with the applicant (e.g. supervisor, line manager, fomer colleague)
  • Please provide specific examples to illustrate the candidate’s suitability
  • Please comment on specific areas of professional interest to the candidate
  • We are interested in all aspects of the candidate’s professional involvement. If you can comment on their involvement ouside of work/study, please do

General advice and information for applicants

Applications are judged by a panel, consisting of members of the SLA Europe board and representatives from the co-sponsoring divisions. At least one previous ECCA winner is usually invited to help with judging.

We strongly suggest that applicants take time to read all of the information available to them. Statements and letters of recommendation should be produced specifically for your application. We also suggest that you tailor your CV/resume to highlight the most relevant information, in support of your application. CVs may be annotated, and do not need to fit on a single sheet of A4.

We recommend that you name which division you would like to be co-sponsored by, and why.

We don’t require you to include a photograph with your application.

If you have any questions regarding the recommendation, please don’t hesitate to contact the or the President of SLA Europe.