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Webinár SLA Europe – Podpora informácií vašej organizácie po reakcii COVID19 pomocou informácií a prehľadov

Júl 23 @ 6:00 popoludní - 7:00 popoludní

With organisations adapting their processes and changing their strategies in preparation for existence in a post-COVID19 environment, SLA Europe’s webinar will be looking at how information professionals can play an active role in supporting such measures.

Sweeping change is anticipated in everything from operations to supply chains, products and services to marketing and financial planning, and organisations will require a good flow of information on a host of issues, including changes in market opportunity, size and growth, altered customer profiles and behaviour, and a new world of competitors, peer performance and strategy.

This lecture gives some ideas on how research and information managers can efficiently gather information and help their organisations survive and thrive through informed decisions in difficult times.

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About our speaker

Oliver Guirdham has a 20-year track record as an expert in supporting organisations with information to drive their decision-making. His work experience includes major market research companies such as IPSOS, Datamonitor and GlobalData. Pretože 2013, he has owned and run the Business Research Company, which supplies reports, custom research and outsourcing services to organisations around the world. He has carried out hundreds of research projects for blue-chip clients such as Fujifilm, Michelin, and Amazon. He attended Oxford University and is an alumnus of the London Business School with an MA in International Management from London University.



Júl 23
6:00 popoludní - 7:00 popoludní
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