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Virtuálny okrúhly stôl SLA: Protestná hudba a sociálna spravodlivosť (Udalosti DICE)

August 13 @ 6:00 popoludní - 7:00 popoludní


SLA Europe is pleased to announce the following event, in participation with the SLA’s Diversity, Inclusion, Spoločenstvo, and Equity (DICE) Mašinéria, featuring our President, Seema Rampersad and SLA Past President, Roberto Sarmiento.

Carrying the message of resistance and affirmation on a tune, SLA Librarians discuss their research and love of protest music from areas across the globe. In a time when we are thinking about and living in a moment of great social justice change, how has music played a part with its power to create change and connection? Learn about library resources on protest music and share a protest song that moves you.

Seema will discuss the research on Afro-Caribbean Music, Reggae, Jazz and Chutney Music, touch on how the Windrush Generation influenced music in Britain, and talk about the Notting Hill Caribbean Carnival, which is celebrated in various global cities. Seema will point participants to British Library links, sounds, and sound archive.

Roberto will present Latin America protest music which challenges imperialism and racism, Puerto Rican anti-government protest rap en Español, and immigration protest music from a world view including Mexican-American rock.

Some further background and history on protest music and social justice can be found in this Vox article. You can register for the event tu.

O reproduktory

Seema Rampersad is the Senior Business Researcher and Service Manager, v Obchodné a IP centrum, v Britskej knižnici. Dlhé roky pracovala aj pre spravodajskú jednotku vo Veľkom Londýne a pre spoločnosť PricewaterhouseCoopers vo svojich obchodných informačných strediskách..

Seema je zástancom tradičných knižničných a informačných služieb a zručností, zachováva však záujem o sociálne médiá a multimédiá ako o nástroje obchodného a profesionálneho rozvoja na správu a poskytovanie informácií a poznatkov. She is currently SLA Europe’s Past President and served on the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

Pôvodne z Trinidadu & Tobago, Seema has lived in London for over 30 years and is a regular attendee of the Notting Hill Carnivala fond reminder and celebration of the Trini Carnivals from home.

Roberto Sarmiento is the current director of the Northwestern University Transportation Library, previously having worked as the Director of the Panama Canal Commission Technical Resources Center, as a reference librarian for the Smithsonian Institution Libraries and as a consultant to US, Panamanian and Japanese government agencies on transportation information matters.

Roberto is a SLA Fellow and the association’s 2018 Past President. He is active within transportation and information organizations at the local, regional and national level as mentor, reproduktor, chair and author. He has received several awards for his work on behalf of transportation libraries, his graduate school, the library profession and the SLA Transportation Division.

Roberto was born and raised in Panama City, Republic of Panamathe only Caribbean city on the Pacific Oceanand now lives in Skokie, Illinois. He learned to fight the man as a child and as an adult learned that justice is not equal. He has survived a revolution, 2 dictators and an invasion.





August 13
6:00 popoludní - 7:00 popoludní
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