Hovorí SLA Kanada: Informačná technológia & Content Management

Join SLA Canada on Thursday January 21 @ 4:00pm ET to chat about potential new technology for information and content management, technology that we might want to consider for the future and learn more about. Bring your technology challenges and questions to share with long time industry leaders.


Lawrence Folland, Prezident, University of Waterloo Staff Association as well as Manager, Research Support & Special Projects
He leads a team of technical staff to support Faculty and Graduate student computing within the School of Computer Science. They support workstations, laptops, servers and clusters running Linux, Windows and MacOS. We provide system administration, installation, hardware service, purchasing and grant support for any kind of computing equipment our clients use. Lawrence looks at and evaluates new technology for the Computer Science faculty. Lawrence is also President of Folland Software Services, “The Wizards of Bibliographic Data Conversion”, where he developed The Data Magician – a flexible tool for converting a variety of text data formats, especially those used for bibliographic data, including MARC format widely used in library systems. At one point, they processed U.S. Federal Depository records and distributed selected data, catalog cards and labels to 70+ U.S. knižnice.

Maria Phipps, Librarian & President of Phipps & Associates Inc which worked with libraries and archives in the Toronto area for many years. She started a new venture last year, Phipps Photo Management who helps clients preserve their memories for generations to come by organizing and digitizing precious old photos and other memorabilia such as old letters, retrieving digital photos from computers, phones and other devices; or converting old media such as 8mm video tapes etc.

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21 Decembra 2021


9:00 popoludní - 10:00 popoludní

Miestny čas

  • Časové pásmo: America/New_York
  • Dátum: 21 Decembra 2021
  • Čas: 4:00 popoludní - 5:00 popoludní


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