Top Ten Reasons to join SLA Europe

Make professional contacts

1. Access an unrivalled global network of over 11,000 information professionals, representing more than 25 different disciplines in 83 countries. You can reach information professionals from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo, working in industries as diversified as biotechnology, education, art museums, financial services, not-for-profits, advertising agencies, governments, and many more.

2. Accessing the members’ network is easy. The members’ database is available anytime by logging in to the SLA website. You can search members by location, employer, industry or regional chapter.

3. With an average of 10 events and joint meetings per year, it’s easy to get to know your local peers and strengthen your professional relationships. SLA Europe also encourages you to get involved and join a committee – we welcome your new ideas and energy.

Build your knowledge & stay ahead of the information curve

4. You may join an industry-specific division, and subscribe to its member discussion list. The division lists are often where industry knowledge is passed on by informed colleagues. We share best practices, provide priceless advice, discuss past and future challenges. Participate in the exchanges or just read the emails – it’s up to you.

5. You automatically receive an electronic copy of the monthly publication Information Outlook which features cutting-edge and comprehensive articles on the information profession.

6. Throughout the year, SLA, SLA Europe and several of the Divisions organise stimulating learning events (eg workshops, guest speakers, debates, virtual seminars) for their members. These are great opportunities to hear first-hand from practitioners. Members are also encouraged to take part in the regular Twitter Chat (#SLATalk) which focuses on the pertinent information professional related issues of the day.

7. Volunteer with us and build your skills, connections and experience. We’re always looking for more volunteers – the chapter is entirely volunteer based so all sorts of roles are open to you. Could you be our next president for example?

Focus on your career

8. SLA offers a variety of professional development and career services via its website including webinars, job postings, salary surveys and lists of journals, books and articles related to career search for librarians.

9. The First Five Years Advisory Council offers tailored support and advice for those in the first five years of their career.

Save money

10. SLA is very affordable. Your membership includes access to an unlimited number of communities and access to the entire network of people and resources that SLA offers. Plus, many SLA Europe events are free to members.