SLA Europe publications

This collection brings together our various governance documents, AGM minutes and reports, as well as printed material from SLA Europe events, conférences, our archived newsletter, and features books published by SLA members.

Assemblée générale annuelle (AGA)

Our AGM is held often in the spring, and members are notified of the event several weeks in advance to have a chance to read through the President’s and Treasurer’s reports, as well as any other documents. You can view our collection of previous AGM documents here.


Many SLA members attend conferences held by other chapters and divisions, often sharing across social media or in our blog posts in regards to their thoughts and reflections on the conference events, pourparlers, and networking opportunities.

SLA Europe held its first conference in September 2019, at Newnham College, in Cambridge, Angleterre. La programme abstracts are available to view, as well as further information on our keynote speakers et photos of the conference. Encore une fois, SLA Europe is grateful to our sponsors et committee members for having made the first conference a smashing success!

SLA Europe held its second conference virtually in June/July 2021.


Claire Sewell, Le guide pratique du soutien à la recherche et de la communication savante, Facet Publishing, 2020 (ISBN9781783303939)

Katherine SchœpflinUn guide pour les professionnels de l'information d'entreprise, Facet Publishing, 2014 (ISBN9781856049689)

Katherine Schœpflin etMatt WalshPractical Knowledge and Information Management, Facet Publishing, 2019 (ISBN9781783303359)