Event Review by Helen Doyle: Winter Warmer Quiz

Our thanks to Helen Doyle, who kindly accepted to offer a review of the Winter Warmer Quiz that took place last month in London. Helen Doyle is Senior Assistant Librarian (Law) at the House of Lords, having previously worked at the Inns of Court and at a commercial law firm. In 2016 she was awarded one of SLA Europe’s Early Career Conference Awards to attend the 2016 SLA conference in Philadelphia. Helen is also a member of BIALL and Treasurer for CILIP’s Catalogue and Index Group.




As the temperature plummeted in late January this year, SLA’s Winter Warmer was well timed – we certainly needed warming up as snow threatened to engulf London (or so the news led us to believe!)

Minster Court in the City provided an excellent central point for the annual SLA quiz, though I confess it took a little finding. Once inside, however, the promise of free wine on the tables and food to come meant everyone knew we were in for a good night. For me this was the first chance to catch up with some SLA folk since the social event last autumn and it was great to see some friendly faces in amongst the crowds.



First up was Marie Cannon, this year’s President of SLA Europe, who introduced the event and thanked AcquireMedia for sponsoring. Then it was over to our QuizMaster for the evening, Ask Tony, who set out the rules, the format, and most importantly, the prizes up for grabs!


Then we were off – team names had been entered into the electronic scoreboard beforehand and we were all set up for rounds 1-4. Highlights included an advertising round (“guess the product from its advert”) and a News round: I do not know which news sources Ask Tony had been reading but it certainly was not the BBC! My team, whilst not disgracing themselves completely, definitely had gaps in our knowledge for some of these.

We took a break when the food arrived – a welcome chance to stretch legs and refill glasses.

Then the second part of the evening with rounds 5-8, including movie clips, a music round and he infamous “general knowledge” round. Thanks to one particular team member who shall remain nameless, we did rather better at these!


In terms of winner and losers, one team pulled ahead early at the start and never relinquished their hold of the top spot – the aptly named “At least we are not last” were never in doubt as the winners of the evening and 1st 2nd and 3rd place were justly rewarded with chocolates and vouchers. I am proud to say that my team did not come last, though at joint 11th I am not sure we have much to brag about!

Overall it was a fantastic evening, with copious amounts of food and drink and a very entertaining quiz. Huge thanks to SLA Europe, Acquire Media and Ask Tony for all their work in organising the event, and here’s to next year!




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