About our committees

We have several committees within SLA Europe that support and report to the Board. If you’re interested in volunteering with us or would like to know more about a particular committee, then please contact us.


The Awards Committee manages the SLA Europe award programme. The key annual award is the Early Career Conference Awards (ECCA), and previous winners and historical awards have being active in varying aspects of SLA Europe and SLA. The Awards Committee deals with the publication and judging of the awards (along with partnering divisions and bodies), and helps to raise awareness of SLA, SLA Europe, and co-sponsoring communities among the wider LIS community.

Chair: Fiona Lacey


Chair: Tsveta Rafaylova

Digital communications COMMITTEE

The Digital Communications Committee (known as DigiComms) manages all social media channels that SLA Europe has a presence on, maintains the SLA Europe website, and provides technical support and advice to the SLA Europe Board. The committee, with the Events team, also ensures that there is a steady flow of new content for the blog; including event reports, features, and podcasts.

Chair: Julia Bhojoo

Members: Seema Rampersad (Facebook & SLA Connect), Amy Stubbing (Twitter), Nicky Farmer (LinkedIn), and Nadina Yedid (Newsletter)


The Events Committee organises and delivers a balanced programme of events that promote the industry/profession, fosters personal and/or professional development, and provide professional networking opportunities t SLA Europe members. It can involve working with potential sponsors, collaborating with other professional bodies and associations to provide joint events, innovating ideas for events that our members will enjoy, marketing for events and organising venues and ticket sales.

Chair: Vacant

membership COMMITTEE

A small committee which provides advice to existing and prospective members and promotes the benefits of membership through targeted activities. The Membership Committee also monitors membership reports and provides membership level statistics to the Board as necessary.

Chair: Vacant