Launch of our ‘Kindness is a Library Leader’s Superpower’ webinar series

We’re delighted to launch a new webinar series focusing on leadership and kindness in libraries, designed and led by Helen Rimmer.

Our 2024 SLA Europe President, Julia Bhojoo, said:

As one of my goals as SLA Europe President, I wanted to highlight how kindness is a leadership superpower and I couldn’t think of a better guide than Helen to design a webinar series to showcase different aspects of kind leadership, particularly in libraries and organisations today against the challenges of the pandemic, hybrid working, and budget cuts.

This approach to leadership, particularly in light of changing working patterns, employer focus on mental health, and personal wellbeing is crucial for librarians and information professionals everywhere to know that there is a different way to make the workplace a better place to work and challenge outdated practices that have stifled growth and personal development.

Helen is the founder and owner of The Kind Brave Leader, where she specialises in systemic team coaching and culture-building, demonstrating her innovative approach to leadership. Helen has extensive experience within the Library, University and Education sectors and was previously Head of Library and Archives Service at the University of Westminster, where she oversaw a monumental shift from a rigid culture to a collaborative one, impacting a team of 90 across various sites. She has also held positions at Royal Holloway University of London and Cass Business School, underscoring her leadership, outreach, strategic planning, and innovation capabilities.

This webinar series will explore the transformative power of kind leadership in libraries, focusing on how empathy, communication, and emotional intelligence can profoundly impact personal wellbeing and libraries’ overall effectiveness and health.

In today’s ever-changing library landscape, leadership extends beyond managing collections and services; it is about fostering a supportive, resilient, and thriving workplace. Each of the webinars in this series delves into different aspects of kind leadership – from establishing a foundation of psychological safety to making emotionally intelligent decisions and measuring their impact on organisational health.

Whether you are a seasoned library director, a newly appointed team leader, or somewhere in between, this series will equip you with the knowledge and tools to lead with kindness and drive meaningful change in your organisation.

Register for our first webinar on Wednesday 3rd July at 1pm BST on Ticket Tailor.