Tidig karriär Konferens Award

Every year, SLA Europe recognises the accomplishments of individuals working within the profession. The awards reward the winner(s) with opportunities to showcase their level of professional commitment and development.

About the Early Career Conference Award (ECCA)

Den tidiga karriär Konferens Award (ECCA) bildades 2007. Syftet med priset är att ge möjlighet för dem i början av sin karriär att delta i SLA årliga konferens, och dra nytta av de möjligheter till nätverkande som SLA och SLA Europa ger.

The Early Career Conference Award is administered by the Kommittén för tidiga karriärer och utmärkelser and is open to individuals within the profession with less than five years experience.

The Early Career Conference Award Prize

The winner(s) of the award will be able to attend the SLA Annual Conference, usually held in the United States, with the costs covering the conference registration, Hotell logi, ekonomi returflyg, måltider, och lämpliga oförutsedda utgifter.

Pristagarna kommer att paras ihop med en mentor från sponsring Division. The mentor will act as a conference buddy for the award winner, providing guidance as well as offering networking and introduction opportunities.

Winners will also be assigned a mentor from SLA Europe to offer direct support and advice within our commuity and the wider association.

Previous Winners of the Early Career Conference Award

Historical ECCA winners have been fortunate to have been sponsored a variety of divisions since the award’s creation in 2007.

Our Commitment

SLA Europe is fully committed to the diversity of its membership and we welcome members of all faiths and nationalities. To the best of our knowledge, European citizens who hold dual nationality with one of the countries affected by travel/immigration restrictions imposed by the US government would not be prevented from attending the conference.

If you have any questions or concerns in this regard about applying for the Early Career Conference Award, kontakta Tidiga karriär & Awards Committee.