Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hub

Coronavirus is not just a world health emergency; it is an information one too.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many of those within the library and information world have raised a number of questions – where are we now, what could happen in the future, what should we be aware of, and so on.

This hub aims to collate various resources, ranging from working from home advice and guidance on maintaining professional development learning as well as how SLA Europe can offer support and best support members as conditions unfold.


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Professional Development

Article – The working from home stack: tools, tips, and solutions for founders and remote teams (Tech Nation)

Article – Where can I find free online courses on library management skills? (Vable)

Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD) – Responding to the coronavirus: providing updated advice, resources and guidance to support employers and people professionals in their response to the pandemic.

Learn My Way – a website of free online courses, built by Good Things Foundation to help people develop their digital skills.

Digital Champion Training– a course from Digital Unite, offering three months’ free access to their Digital Champions Network. This offer is for volunteers in the community or frontline staff in small charities who would value some training and online mentor support to help them get started.

FutureDotNow – Covid-19 digital resources: various online courses and recommendations for free resources to learn new, digital skills, or be able to assist others.

Google – Skillshop: learn how to use Google products to their full potential, including Google Analytics and Ads.

Google – Digital Garage: Gain the skills you need in tech, marketing, or to develop your career.

Google – Applied Digital Skills: video-based lessons for teachers and students to learn skills in a digital world.

National Careers (UK) – The Skills Toolkit

FutureLearn – Digital Skills for the Workplace

External Organisations

British Library – Covid-19 Collection Guide: selected public health information and research publications that are freely available to support the public, researchers and policymakers during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) – Coronavirus Information Service

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) – COVID-19 and the Global Library Field

Tech Nation – Coronavirus info hub: a catch-all hub for all things tech and tech-related to support business and tech employees during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Enterprise Nation – Coronavirus advice and support hub: online support for small businesses and their employment managing their response to government changes.

Tech UK – Covid-19 Information Hub: assisting members and non-members to help respond, adapt, and recover in regards to the pandemic.

Libraries Connected – promoting the value of libraries, sharing best practice and driving innovation in the sector. LC represents all the public library services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Advice and guidance

The Coronavirus Tech Handbook – a crowdsourced library of tools, services and resources relating to COVID-19 response. It is a rapidly evolving resource with thousands of expert contributors.

The Remote Playbook – a free guide on the best pratice for remote working from Gitlab, the world’s largest fully remote company (before now).

Digital Unite’s Covid-19’s guides and resources – various guides and handbooks on everything from indoor activities for kids, hobbies and interests, to healthy living and fitness.

Services and support

Article – 100+ startups and offering free products and services in response to coronavirus (VCCafe)

The Rehire Project – a new digital initiative to help companies support workers being laid off or furloughed during the coronavirus crisis. Free for small businesses, with profits being donated to the NHS and WHO charities.

Spill – a UK startup helping other companies help their staff with mental health issues.

Mind UK – Coronavirus and your wellbeing: practical advice, guidance, tips for your mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Foundation – Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Good Things Foundation – a social change charity that supports socially excluded people to improve their lives through digital.

FutureDotNow – DevicesDotNow: a national campaign asking for donations of tech devices or funding to help society’s most vulnerable with using digital technology during the pandemic.

HeartMath – tech and guides to help you better manage stress and anxiety, whilst also learning more how your heart works and responds.

Jin Shin Jyutsu – learn more about this Japanese practice on managing your emotions.

Thrive – The Resilient Quotient Inventory: a psychometric tool that measures beliefs, behaviours and environmental factors that are proven to protect people against stress and burnout. Users complete a secure online questionnaire and receive a 26-page report with personal scores and recommendations for building even greater resilience.

View to the Future – provides coaching and workshops to the over 50s to stimulate fresh perspectives and insights towards shaping their future life.

MHFA England  – Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England are a social enterprise, offering expert guidance and training to support mental health, in the workplace and beyond.

Coronavirus information and research

WHO Research – Global research on coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

NHS – Coronavirus Hub

Doctors of the World – Coronavirus Information: advice and guidance for patients in 51 languages, with high-quality translations for public use, produced in partnership with the British Red Cross.

Public Health England (PHE) – Knowledge and Library Services collection

Health Education England – Knowledge and Library Services

Article – How To Spot Fake News at a Time of COVID-19 (IFLA)

Article – Research suggests UK public can spot fake news about COVID-19, but don’t realise the UK’s death toll is far higher than in many other countries (London School of Economics, LSE)