Since 1972, SLA Europe has organised various events to meet the needs and demands of our members – from professional development events, to discussions on new and emerging tech, all the way to day in the life stories of some of the careers, jobs, and roles that our members have.

Below is a collection of webinars and other recorded events, which are now available digitally.

SLA Europe webinars

All of our webinars, covering the latest discussions and tech updates, as well as career guidance for library and information professionals, are available via our YouTube channel.

We would also like to ask members to please consider making a charitable donation to our chosen charity, Half Moon Young People’s Theatre.

April 29 2020 – How library and information professionals are coping during a pandemic

A panel discussion chaired by Stephen Phillips with members of the SLA Europe Board: Amy Stubbing, Seema Rampersad, and Simon Burton.

May 20 2020Managing the mental stresses and strains of the changing work environment: where to turn?

A presentation chaired by our Events Committee on navigating the changing work environment and the associated stresses and challenges this has brought on information professionals across the world.

June 3 2020Covid 19 and its impact on business research requirements and forecasts

A presentation from Ben Longman on what the pandemic means for forecasts and the type of information that is now critical for both suppliers and researchers.

July 1 2020 – Experimenting with Mind -Mapping: Concepts and Tools with Hal Kirkwood

A presentation briefly covering what mind-mapping is, how it can be used, and examining a selection of tools used to create mind maps for the benefits of users within an organisation or for personal development and reflection.

September 23 2020Getting to Unconscious ‘Working Out Loud’ – a Knowledge Management story

An enthralling knowledge management story charting the ways in which a company has organized its knowledge management efforts, highlighting the challenges and successes it has encountered in its long history as an international business with a large and diverse workforce.

October 28 2020 – Solid: An Ecology of Digital Being

What if we could have all our digital artefacts and records in one place, a place of our own?  Not scattered across platforms, or harvested by third-party machine applications?  This talk is about Solid and our digital footprint, and the implications for librarians and information professionals.

Online events

April 23 2020 – Combating digital health inequality in the time of coronavirus

A joint webinar from IFLA Heath and Biosciences Libraries section (HBS) and Evidence for Global and Disaster Health Special Interest Group (E4GHD).

May 26 2020 (On Demand)Coronavirus: Implications on Megatrends

Presented by Euromonitor International, this webinar discusses how COVID-19 is reshaping some of our key megatrends, impacting how and why consumers shop, their core values and how businesses operate.


From 2011 to 2014, SLA Europe ran a podcast series, interviewing various members on their career, their current role, as well as their involvement with SLA.

You can find previous episodes here, as well as on our YouTube channel.