What was it like virtually attending SLA 2010?

101 people were virtual attendees at the SLA Conference in June 2010. One of SLA Europe’s members has written an informative and entertaining guide to how the virtual conference worked, its good sides and its pitfalls. You can read Claire’s account “The great thing about the virtual conference is that you can do cartwheels in a mini-skirt” on her blog. Virtual …

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SLA 2010 : Chris Rhodes’ reflections

Chris Rhodes, one of the 2010 SLA Europe Early Career Conference Award Winners, has shared his thoughts on his conference experience with us. He has also written a report for the Leadership and Management Division, co-sponsors of the award, available on their blog. The SLA conference in New Orleans was by far and away the largest conference I have ever …

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SLA 2010 – Sara’s reflections

Back from New Orleans, and sifting through paperwork, ideas, actions and business cards, Sara shares her impressions of her second SLA Conference. There is also a complementary post on Sara’s own blog, Uncooked Data and a podcast recorded in situ.  Conference this year was a very different experience from 2009. Attending as president-elect meant I had set duties as well …

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SLA 2010: Kate Arnold’s reflections

Kate Arnold, SLA Europe President, shares her thoughts on the first few days of the conference *** Greetings from New Orleans, I’m sharing my thoughts on conference so far. As always it is an exhilarating experience and it’s been special for those of us involved with SLA Europe for two reasons. Firstly, SLA Europe is the happening chapter with six …

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SLA Conference Day Two – report from Bethan Ruddock

Reflections from Bethan Ruddock on the second day of the SLA Annual Conference. Cross-posted on Bethan’s Information Professional Blog. **** Greetings from New Orleans! Do forgive any typos – I’m typing this on my phone as I move around the conf centre. With no time to blog – this conference keeps you busy! I’ve mainly been tweeting. But my session …

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