SLA Europe Webinar – Resilience and being kind to yourself

SLA Europe was pleased to host a joint webinar with SLA Asia and welcome Nikhil Damle to explore the discussion on the “soft” and “hard” side of resilience, especially on how we can navigate the “new normal” in a post-COVID world.

The past 18 months has shown that everyone’s individual situation has changed, particularly in spending more time at home, juggling various responsibilities and commitments. This is where the boundaries between office and home have blurred – physical and mental health has been severely impacted. If we say organisations are functioning well in the work-from-home scenario, then we are missing the bigger point.

Pre-Covid, businesses took a “hard” view of resilience, with employees at their workplace and a focus on hardware, networks, building premises and redundancies in infrastructure. Post-Covid, the “hard” approach has changed and now the focus has shifted to the “soft” side. The resilience of the business is now hinging truly on people and their individual well-being. But how do you make sure you’re still being kind to yourself?

SLA Europe’s recording of the webinar can also be viewed below and also on our YouTube channel. We would also like to ask members to please consider making a charitable donation to our chosen charity, Half Moon Young People’s Theatre.

About our speaker

Nikhil Damle is a corporate professional with 20+ years of multinational experience in banking/tech; a cricket and music lover and foodathon organiser, based in Mumbai. He is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Gestalt Certified Associate, who also teaches business management to rural entrepreneurs via the TREE Society, which aims to improve rural livelihoods in India.